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Step Out of the Box - How To

Learning is always made easier by example, and when creativity is incorporated in that learning, there's no limit to what one can achieve.


An 8.5" x 11" flyer that reads "Happy Halloween!" with a photo of harvested pumpkins, decorated with a  border of white Jack-o-lantern pumpkins.Create a flyer with a Halloween theme using Microsoft Word.  First, you will create the background artwork:

  1. Click on the Page Layout Tab.  Under the Page Background section, click on the Page Borders icon.

  2. Under the Page Border tab, click on Art:  then click on the down arrow next to the box.  Scroll down until you see the white smiling pumpkins.  Click on the pumpkins, click OK.  Pumpkins will appear as a border on your page.

  3. Under the Page Background section on the Page Layout ribbon, click on the Page Color down arrow.  Choose Orange, Accent 6, 60% (place your cursor over the colors and read the alt tag for the correct color).

  4. Now you will add a photo from Microsoft’s website.  Click on the Insert tab, then the ClipArt icon.  The Clip Art dialog box appears on the right side of the page.  At the bottom of that box, click on the link “Find more at Office.com”.  You will be directed to the Microsoft Office website, scroll to the bottom of the page under Top Categories, then click on Seasons.

  5. In the Search box type in “Halloween” and then click on Photo on the left to narrow your search.  Look for the Pumpkin Patch photo as shown in this example.  Hover over the photo with your cursor then click on the download link.  Save the photo to your computer.  Close out of the Microsoft website.

  6. Back in your Word document, click in the middle of the page, make sure you are on the Insert tab, click on Picture and look for the photo you just downloaded.  Double-click on the photo to insert it onto the page.

  7. Now you will add Word Art text for your greeting.  Click on the Insert tab, then the WordArt icon, and choose the second text (A) 4th line, and type “Happy Halloween!

  8. On the Home tab,  in the Font section, you can choose any bold font you wish.  The example shows Bernard MT Condensed, 72 point.  You can add any other text to personalize the flyer.

  9. Save your file and close.


"Outside the box, Informal in an innovative or unconven-tional manner; with a fresh perspective: You have to think outside the box and adapt those strategies to your business."   DICTIONARY.COM


Fun With Microsoft Word: Halloween Flyer

Objective:  To learn how to color the page background, add a page border, search for and add a photo, and add WordArt.


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